Dr. Carole Llewellyn from the College of Science is hosting two collaborators from south India this week as part of a joint UK-India project on bioenergy that she leads on.

During the week, Dr. V. Sivasubramanian and Professor N. Thajuddin will be visiting the Swansea University’s CSAR aquaculture and microalgal facilities, Welsh Water, and Tata Steel Industry accompanied by Carole and Dr Alla Silkina from Swansea’s College of Science. Together they will be discussing future projects and develop further links in terms of student exchange and algal biotechnology industrial placements.

Dr. V. Sivasubramanian is Director of Phycospectrum Environmental Research Centre (PERC) an international company based in Chennai using algae to clean industrial effluent. Professor N. Thajuddin is a microbiologist and expert in cyanobacteria from Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirappalli.

The jointly funded UK-BBSRC and India-DBT project is focussed on understanding the interactions between algae and bacteria with the aim of promoting algal growth for bioenergy production. The project is in collaboration with Plymouth Marine Laboratory.

Photo taken at Swansea University’s algal greenhouse facility Left to right: Dr Alla Silkina, Professor N. Thajuddin, Dr V. Sivasubramanian, Dr Carole Llewellyn.