International Seaweed Symposium 2016 – academia meets industry

The year was 1952, it was summer in Edinburgh, or at least it wast July. Since this first International Seaweed Symposium (ISS), the seaweed community has been meeting every three years. Last week we met in Copenhagen, for the 22nd ISS. During 5 days (from the 20th of June to the 24th) we discussed seaweed matters, we met old seaweed friends and grasped the future of seaweeds. It was my second ISS, but I travelled back in time when Ments Indergaard explained that in 1952 there was a post-WWII spirit, and as a consequence, the first ISS held a spirit of internationalisation, and a hope for science as a contributing instrument for peace and progress. Our new acquired vocabulary brought me back to the present –  sustainability, metagenomics, gene pool and genetic diversity, key drivers, monetized and commoditized, drones, ecosystem services, sea vegetables, functional foods and super foods, IMTA, biomitigation and bioremediation, biofuels, biorefinary, and blue economy. Let’s see what our keywords will be in three years time when we meet in South Korea. Meanwhile, this was ISS2016

by Dr Sara Barrento