Documenting seaweed diversity and training in seaweed identification in the Falklands

Vacancy for Postdoctoral Researcher, Falklands Marine Forest Habitats

Salary: £32,825 per annum plus benefits

Location: London

Kelp forests provide spawning grounds for the Falklands squid fishery and are a major habitat for red listed cetaceans. However, they are potentially threatened by offshore oil exploration, invasive species and climate change. Falkland’s seaweeds are not well inventoried, yet this knowledge is critical for their Biodiversity Framework. The aim of the project is to provide tools to enable environmental management through habitat monitoring by filling a major gap in baseline knowledge of seaweed biodiversity, populating local information systems and providing training in species identification.

This will include at least one fieldtrip to the Falklands. There will also be opportunities for outreach initiatives. The project officer will also be responsible for the day to day management of the project.

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Picture by Dr Sara Barrento