DAI am an Ecologist and current PhD student working on the predator-prey dynamic between green algae (e.g. Scenedesmus sp. and Chlorella sp.) and cladocerans (e.g. Daphnia magna). During my Master Degree in Ecology and Nature Conservation  (University of Parma, Italy), I worked on zooplankton: field sampling, identification and taxonomy, study of their ecology and life history strategies.

I am a Ph.D. student at Swansea University and my project focuses on studying and modelling inducible defence strategies developed by algae to resist predation by herbivorous zooplankton.

Talk to me about

  • Zooplankton ecology and taxonomy
  • Aquatic plankton ecology
  • Population biology and evolution


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  • BIO109 Core Skills for Biological Sciences #Swansea University


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