CFGI am a professional researcher in marine & environmental science with more than 20 years of experience. I have a strong background in lab and high scale microalgae production, microalgae identification and isolation, environmental analysis, biochemistry and general lab skills. I have an extensive knowledge of the use of high technological devices including GC, Spectrophotometry, FTIR, Flow cytometry, Flow cam, Inverted microscopy among others.

Talk to me about

  • Microalgae scale-up production
  • Microalgae metabolite production
  • Dinoflagellates & HAB species
  • Biochemical analysis
  • Aquaculture
  • Environmental Science

Project Portfolio

MARIB2016 # Marine Investment for the Blue Economy (PDRA)

BIOPRONET voucher 2016 # (BBSRC) Swansea University – AlgaeCytes LTD (PDRA)

CellBioProbe 2016 # REIS-SURGE project.

LED Project (EPSRC) 2015 # Internally lit photobioreactors for enhanced product formation from algae using LED systems: Energy transformed into high value chemical products

MACROBIOCRUDE 2016 # Developing an Integrated Supply and Processing Pipeline for the Sustained Production of Ensiled Macroalgae-derived Hydrocarbon Fuels (PDRA)

A4B 2014 # Algal Biotechnology for Advanced Products from Microalgae (PDRA)


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