profile 2I am a Marine Biologist, working in higher education in collaboration with businesses in aquaculture and fisheries. After completing a Ph.D. in Portugal researching crustaceans live transport physiology, and biochemistry I worked for several European Projects (FP6, FP7, and Horizon2020). I did a post-doc in seaweed aquaculture in collaboration with I~Mar, Universidad de Los Lagos, Chile, and CIIMAR, University of Porto, Portugal.

Currently lecturing at Swansea University, Associated Researcher at CIIMAR, and AlgaeWales administer. 

Talk to me about

  • sustainable aquatic food systems from production to consumers
  • aquaculture of seaweed and marine bivalves
  • seafood security and safety
  • coastal and maritime tourism
  • science communication, knowledge exchange, and outreach
  • education
  • Knowledge Transfer

I have experience in communicating with technical/scientific and nontechnical audiences:

Collaboration with companies

I have collaborated with over 24 companies from different countries. Now I am collaborating with:

Project Portfolio

PDRA – Post Doc Research Assistant; RA – Research Assistant

  • MARIBE 2015 # Marine Investment for the Blue Economy (PDRA)
  • A4B 2014 # Algal Biotechnology for Advanced Products (PDRA)
  • MACROBIOCRUDE 2013-2014 # Developing an Integrated Supply and Processing Pipeline for the Sustained Production of Ensiled Macroalgae-derived Hydrocarbon Fuels (PDRA)
  • MUSSELSALIVE 2011-2013 # Development of best practice and new technology for grading, handling, transportation, conditioning and storage of mussels for SMEs in the European mussel industry (PDRA)
  • SHELLPLANT 2011 # Development of a novel production system for intensive and cost effective bivalve farming (PDRA)
  • CRUSTASEA 2006-2010 # Development of best practice, grading, and transportation technology in the crustacean fishery sector (RA)
  • LOBSTERPLANT 2010 # Development of automated technology for large scale land based production of lobster juveniles and lobster to market size, including development of robotic feeding and imaging control system (RA)


I have authored a total of 20 scientific papers and 2 book chapters. To see the full list please check my CV blog

  1. Barrento, S., Camus, C., Sousa-Pinto, I. & Buschmann, A. H., 2016, Germplasm banking of the giant kelp: Our biological insurance in a changing environment. Algal Research, 13, 134–140.
  2. Barrento, S. & Powell, A, 2016, The effect of transportation and re-watering strategies on the survival, physiology and batch weight of the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis., Aquaculture, 450(194-198).
  3. Anacleto P., Barrento S., Nunes M.L., Rosa R., Marques A., 2014, Portuguese consumers’ attitudes and perceptions of bivalve molluscs. Food Control 41(0), 168-177.
  4. Anacleto P., Maulvault A.L., Barrento S., Mendes R., Nunes M.L., Rosa R., Marques A., 2013, Physiological responses to depuration and transport of native and exotic clams at different temperatures. Aquaculture (408-409), 136-146.
  5. Barrento S., Lupatsch I., Keay A., Christophersen G., 2013, Metabolic rate of blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) under varying post-harvest holding conditions. Aquatic Living Resources 26, (241-247).

I’m passionate about

Nature and its connections. Collaborating to establish connections. Communication to reach people. Cycling to break barriers. Photography to showcase. Science to make sense.