ff_profileI am an aquaculture scientist, specialised in Macroalgae cultivation and ecophysiology. After achieving a master degree on aquaculture technics and fisheries, I worked in France on European and National projects all focusing on Algoculture development and optimization of existing processes.

I am currently working at Swansea University as a Research Assistant on the EPSRC funded MacroBioCrude project.

Talk to me about

  • Macroalgae cultivation: from hatchery methods to the deployment at sea
  • Macroalgae biology, ecology and identification
  • Aquaculture systems and facilities
  • Aquaculture technics in shellfish, crustacean and fish farming

Knowledge transfer

I communicated on:

  • Seaweed farming (optimization of kelp cultivation on the Brittany coast)
  • Seaweed identification
  • Aquaculture Facilities installation at sea

Collaboration with companies

Project Portfolio

  • ENALGAE 2013-2014 # Energetic Algae – Developing algal production technics and biofuel technologies
  • IdeAlg 2013-2014 # Promotion and development of the macroalgae industry in France
  • INDESO 2014 # Provide a forecasting and management center for marine resources in Idonesia
  • SPIRUMER 2014 # Optimization of Spirulina sp cultivation
  • MACROBIOCRUDE 2014-2016 # Provide an innovative technology pipeline for the utilisation of macroalgae

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