IMG_0517.JPGI am a marine biologist and PhD candidate at Swansea University working on establishing the knowledge base for sustainable seaweed cultivation. During my studies at the University of Bremen (Germany) I worked among other topics on coral-algal interactions and the influence of ultraviolet radiation and desiccation on physiological processes of the brown alga Laminaria digitata.

I am experienced in keeping and cultivating various marine tropical and non-tropical organisms, from microscopic algae towards coloured reef fishes.

Talk to me About

  • Macroalgae aquaculture, especially Porphyra spp. cultivation
  • Macroalgal ecology and physiology
  • Harvesting pressure on macroalgae populations
  • Coral-algal contacts

Collaboration with the industry:


  • Practical in Aquaculture #Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology, Germany
  • Practical in Plant Physiology #University Bremen, Germany