mariaI am an aquaculture technician with more than 7 years of experience in the field of micro and macro algae cultivation and biotechnology, fish and crustacean larviculture, on -growing and welfare. I am a confident user of flow through and recirculation aquaculture systems applied to different purposes. I am a marine environmental scientist with a 2 year master in aquaculture. I am excited about every living creature in the marine environment.

Talk to me about

  • micro and macro algae cultivation, biochemistry and biotechnology;
  • finfish larviculture;
  • zooplankton cultivation;
  • fish welfare and physiology;
  • RAS and flow trough systems

Knowledge Transfer

I have been following and doing science communication specifically on finfish:

  • welfare indicators and physiological parameters
  • larval development, nutrition and skeletal deformities
  • cleaner fish species rearing (i.e. lumpfish – C. lumpus)

Project Portfolio

LUMPFISH (2014-present). Production of cleaner fish for biological control of sea lice in the salmon industry, in conjunction with Marine Harvest (Scotland-UK).
MACROBIOCRUDE (2013-present). Establish an integrated supply and processing pipeline for the sustainable manufacture of liquid hydrocarbons from seaweed. ALGAL BIOTECHNOLOGY FOR . ADVANCED BIO-PRODUCTS (2014). Enhance current expertise and infrastructure to expand markets for algal-based bio-products.
UKOA (2012). Investigation into the potential effects of ocean acidification on commercially important marine species. NEPHROPS (2012-2013). Developing new techniques in hatchery rearing, fishery enhancement and aquaculture for N. norvegicus.
QUALIFISH (2007-2008). Testing organic feed on the welfare and growth performances of D. labrax.
BIOTEL (2005-2006). Pilot project for the reduction of stress factors in aquaculture trough physiological telemetry techniques.
BIOIMPACT (2006). Analysis of the environmental impacts of sea bream commercial sea pens.
GRUND / MEDITS / selectivity (2004-2005-2006-2007). Sampling of demersal marine species for stock assessment.


I co-authored several peer reviewed papers and congress communications and posters, latest of which are:

  1. Fuentes-Grünewald, C. Bayliss, M. Zanain, C. Pooley, M. Scolamacchia, A. Silkina (2015). Bioresource Technology, 189: 357–363.
  2. E.C. Pope, R.P. Ellis, M. Scolamacchia, J.W.S. Scolding, A. Keay, P. Chingombe, R. J. Shields, R. Wilcox, D.C. Speirs, R. W. Wilson, C. Lewis, and K. J. Flynn (2014). Biogeoscience, 11, 2519–2530.
  3. M. Izquierdo, M. Scolamacchia, M. Betancor, J. Roo, M. J. Caballero, G. Terova, P. E. Witten (2013). British Journal Of Nutrition 109:1796–1805.
  4. Carbonara P., Corsi I., Focardi S., Lembo G., Rochira S., Scolamacchia M., Spedicato M.T., McKinley, R.S. (2010). Marine Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology, 43(4):283-296.
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You can find my complete profile and list of publications on Linkedin, and Research gate.