Developing  circular economy solutions using algae to reduce agricultural nitrate pollution and develop feed products

Swansea Science Festival 2017

We were there, and it was awesome. The science festival which took place in Swansea Water Front Museum from the 8th to the 10th of September was entertaining and full of hands-on experiences to discover science through theatrical presentations, music, and demonstrations. We had a stall full of creatures and fun activities to do with the family. You can download our fun activity pack here


These activities were created and delivered by Sara Barrento (lecturer at Swansea University); the Swansea University PhD candidates: Jessica Knoop, Ben Whittaker, Suzana Leles and master student Katie Weston. Pietro Francinetti kindly helped out packing up. A great team work and some lessons learnt – we need more volunteers for the weekend days!


Kelp forests are magical places. These threatened habitats are vital for the functioning of the planet. Follow the journey of the creation of the seaweed Wonder Bay at the Natural History Museum in this two part film.

Part 1

Part 2



“Natural colours from the sea for a natural lifestyle” by Claudio Fuentes Grünewald, a finalist for the Art competition of Swansea University

Dr Claudio Fuentes Grünewald

Vacancy for Postdoctoral Researcher

Documenting seaweed diversity and training in seaweed identification in the Falklands

Vacancy for Postdoctoral Researcher, Falklands Marine Forest Habitats

Salary: £32,825 per annum plus benefits

Location: London

Kelp forests provide spawning grounds for the Falklands squid fishery and are a major habitat for red listed cetaceans. However, they are potentially threatened by offshore oil exploration, invasive species and climate change. Falkland’s seaweeds are not well inventoried, yet this knowledge is critical for their Biodiversity Framework. The aim of the project is to provide tools to enable environmental management through habitat monitoring by filling a major gap in baseline knowledge of seaweed biodiversity, populating local information systems and providing training in species identification.

This will include at least one fieldtrip to the Falklands. There will also be opportunities for outreach initiatives. The project officer will also be responsible for the day to day management of the project.

For more information, please click here

Picture by Dr Sara Barrento


Swansea Uni study finds UV-blocking algae a sunscreen_in BBC News

UV protective algae could be used as a sustainable alternative to sunscreen, research at Swansea University has discovered.
There are hopes microalgae, which cannot be seen by the naked eye, could replace synthetic sunscreens.
The natural products, found in the sea, have a high absorbance of damaging sun rays.
Dr Carole Llewellyn, who has led the research, said algae sunscreen would be better for the environment.
“What we found is that algae have their own process of protecting themselves against the damaging ultra-violet rays,” said Dr Llewellyn, an associate professor in applied aquatic bioscience.
“We’re really interested in finding out how they do this and applying it to products we want to use.
“There’s increasing evidence that some of the synthetic sunscreens are quite harmful to the environment when they wash off in the sea.
“Many sunscreens are produced from petroleum sources and the industry is looking for something more sustainable.”

The 7th UK Algae Conference in Swansea: Abstract submission and registration deadline now extended to the 23rd of June

The Abstract submission and registration deadline are now extended to the 23rd of June 2017 for the 7th UK Algae Conference in Swansea

All the info here

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Professor John G Day (SAMS) – cryopreservation of micro and macro, challenges and future trends

Professor Juliet Brodie (Natural History Museum) – a historical perspective of projects run by the Natural History museum including taxonomy, monitoring kelps for harvesting purposes, citizen science, macroalgae microbiome

Dr Claire Gachon (SAMS) – diseases in macroalgae

Joe MacDonald from Varicon Aqua ( – “Challenges and opportunities for PBR technology suppliers in the algae bio-economy”

Dr Robert Lovitt from Membranology Ltd. (

Dr. John Dodd from AlgaeCytes Ltd. “- AlgaeCytes -A view on the algal product commercialization path”

Three states of matter… by Dr Claudio Fuentes Grunewald

Reception class learned about the three states of matter in St David’s Catholic Primary School West Cross Swansea.

Dr Claudio Fuentes Grunewald gave a scientific talk to encourage an interest in science for kids in the reception class in St David’s Catholic Primary School West Cross Swansea.

New Picture

Invitation to the 7 UK algae conference in Swansea

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