I am an Oceanographer and current PhD student working on plankton food webs. During my Master Degree in Ecology I worked on field sampling, interpretation of oceanographic data, plankton identification, and plankton trophodynamics modelling. My PhD project focuses on investigating the role of mixotrophs (protists able of both auto- and heterotrophy) on plankton food webs.

I am currently a PhD student at Swansea University funded by the Brazilian Program Science Without Boarders .

Talk to me about

  • Marine plankton ecology
  • Plankton food web dynamics
  • Mixotrophy
  • Modelling biological systems

Knowledge Transfer

I communicated on:

  • Lagrangian methods to investigate plankton trophodynamics
  • Modelling plankton food webs
  • Copepod sampling in eutrophic environments

Collaborations with the industry

I have collaborated with CODESP (Companhia Docas do Estado de São Paulo, Brazil), Petrobras (Brazil) and OKEANUS (Brazil).

Project Portfolio

Trainee (T), Master Degree (MD)

  • ASPSP 2015-2015 # Food web modelling of the demersal-benthic system in the São Pedro São Paulo Islands (Brazil) (MD)
  • PELD 2013-2015 # Ecological Program of Long Duration – Guanabara Bay (Brazil) (MD)
  • OTRANSCO 2012-2013 # Origen and transport of dissolved and particulate organic carbon in the estuary of Barra Grande (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) (T)


Leles, S.G., Alves-de-Souza, C., Farias, C.O., Ramos, A.B., Fernandes, A., Moser, G.A.O., 2014. Short-term phytoplankton dynamics in response to tidal stirring in a tropical estuary (Southeastern Brazil). Brazilian Journal of Oceanography, 62, 341-349.



  • Marine Plankton 2016 # Swansea University (UK)
  • Trophic Ecology 2014-2015 # Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)